French Migrant Deportations At 'Standstill' Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

French Migrant Deportations At 'Standstill' Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Police in the French Yvelines department say they are overwhelmed with criminal migrants, as deportations have come to a “standstill” during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Police in the department, located just outside of Paris, say they have been facing an influx of migrants, many of them claiming to be minors, for the last several months and said that accommodations for homeless migrants have become overwhelmed due to coronavirus.

“And if by chance, we prove that they are of legal age, it is the same problem. The evictions are at a standstill due to Covid,” one officer told Le Parisien.

In the commune of Mantes-la-Jolie, police have been called to several illegal squats but have found that as soon as they clear them, the area is soon taken over by other homeless young migrants.

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In one case, a young migrant had been arrested nine times in just three months but

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