Framework’s Michael Anderson: ‘Ethereum is where DeFi will continue to be’

Framework’s Michael Anderson: ‘Ethereum is where DeFi will continue to be’

Following the collapse of initial coin offerings, venture capital became the primary funding source for cryptocurrency projects. A slew of crypto-native funds opened their doors, one of them being Framework Ventures, a fund primarily investing in decentralized finance that was co-founded by Michael Anderson and Vance Spencer.

Cointelegraph previously reported on Anderson’s philosophy of network capital, a change in investing mindset that is almost necessary in a space where decentralized protocols take the place of traditional companies and equity structures.

Framework Ventures has made several investments, notably into Chainlink’s LINK token and Synthetix’s SNX token. But the fund is not all about passive investments, and it recently announced a formal spin-off focused on incubating and creating new DeFi projects in-house.

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As DeFi insiders, Framework’s founders have a wealth of knowledge on current trends and future potential. They correctly predicted that Compound’s token incentive scheme would not be the last, and in fact, they arguably popularized the term “yield farming.”

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