Fox News’ Juan Williams Calls Trump’s Surprise Visit To Afghanistan A “Photo-Op”


President Trump spent his Thanksgiving Day visiting our nation’s soldiers in Afghanistan – a selfless, honorable act that somehow is still earning him criticism from his haters.

See, according to Juan Williams of Fox News, Trump’s surprise trip was nothing more than a “photo-op.”

Speaking to Chris Wallace on Sunday, Williams said of Trump’s visit:

The other part of the political spin is that with Trump, it seemed —and I think this is why you had the thought, I certainly had it, it looks like a photo op. Remember, he hadn’t gone to visit any war zone until last year. He was criticized for it. This is his first visit to Afghanistan, our longest war, 2,000 plus Americans dead. He had no preparation. He e talked about a cease-fire, but his military people said we know nothing about any cease-fire with the Taliban, and the Taliban said they know nothing about a cease-fire.

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