Former Transgender Woman on Sex Change Regret: People Are 'De-Transitioning in the Hundreds’


Inside the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday, justices heard oral arguments on whether Section VII the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protecting individuals from discrimination because of their sex applies to homosexuals and transgenders.

But as attorneys made their pitches in the courtroom, Walt Heyer was making his own case about the lies being told about gender dysphoria on the steps of the High Court.

Heyer has credibility on the subject: In his 40s he started taking hormones, had gender reassignment surgery and lived as Laura Jensen for eight years.

“It all started when I was four-years-old and my grandmother started crossdressing me and I enjoyed it very much,” Jensen said. “But that cross dressing started a confusion within me about who I was.”

“And it was in 1944 before we had any words like gender dysphoria,” Heyer said.

“I was just a confused kid that was being affirmed

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