Former NSC Member: Iran Wants Joe Biden in the White House

Former NSC Member: Iran Wants Joe Biden in the White House

A former member of the National Security Council told The Kyle Olson Show that Iran prefers to have Joe Biden in the White House next year.

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“The Iranian regime would prefer to deal with a Biden administration,” Ambassador Robert Joseph, who served at the NSC as Senior Director for Proliferation Strategy, Counterproliferation, and Homeland Defense during the George W. Bush administration, said.

“The experiences are starkly different,” he said of dealing with Trump versus the Barack Obama-Joe Biden administration.

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“The Trump administration has, for the last 3 1/2 years, under the policy of maximum pressure, has been placing very punishing economic sanctions on the regime,” Joseph said.

The Trump administration has supported Gulf allies that have been targets of Iran, he argued.

Joseph said Trump has spoken out against “gross human rights violations” by the mullahs, and the administration “has been willing to stand up to Iranian provocations,”

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