Former CNN Employee Says Outlet Has No Real Ethical Code

Former CNN Employee Says Outlet Has No Real Ethical Code

Despite revelations that Chris Cuomo secretly advised brother Andrew Cuomo on how to handle multiple allegations of sexual harassment, the “Cuomo Prime Time” host still has his cushy job for one reason, according to a former employee: CNN has no ethical standards.

Most news outlets have well-developed guidelines laying down red lines governing appropriate journalistic behavior. “Almost no political activity is OK” for reporters, according to the Society of Professional Journalists. “Many employers’ codes of ethics are much more specific than SPJ’s code about their employees’ involvement in politics.”

National Public Radio’s “code, for instance, says quite bluntly that ‘NPR journalists may not participate in marches and rallies’ concerning issues that NPR covers — which is pretty much everything,” SPJ continued.

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“A journalist can be fired for violating an employer’s ethical rules,” SPJ said.

But that won’t happen at CNN, because it has no such code, according to a former CNN employee.

“You won’t see any rules that are etched in stone so that

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