FOHO Is Building a Transparent Fractional Ownership Marketplace

FOHO Is Building a Transparent Fractional Ownership Marketplace

PRESS RELEASE. Toronto, July 19, 2021 – FOHO is building a transparent fractional ownership marketplace that uses the wisdom of crowds to uncover deals, hold sellers and property managers accountable and manage usage and income disbursal for real estate assets. Their modus operandi revolves around a trust-incentivized system. The platform is backed by Tangentia – one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Canada and Tripvillas – a leader in the development and management of Vacation homes.

FOHO Coin – a utility token for use on the FOHO Ecosystem today announced that it has concluded agreements for its Initial Exchange Offering or IEO on the Ascent by Bitnbs Launchpad. The IEO will open on the 27th of July 2021.

FOHO was founded in 2019 in Goa and raised capital from Tangentia Ventures. It rapidly gained initial traction with deals in Goa and Sri Lanka. In 2021, it received further backing from Tripvillas – a leading manager of Vacation home communities

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