FNC's Carlson: DOJ 'Happy to Use Armed Agents of the State to Enforce Their Ideology'

FNC's Carlson: DOJ 'Happy to Use Armed Agents of the State to Enforce Their Ideology'

Tuesday on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson reacted to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s announcement the Department of Justice would intervene where it saw fit to addressed perceived threats against educators and school boards.

Carlson suggested the result of the edict would be akin to having armed agents enforce an ideology.

CARLSON: Remember when political debates were the highlight of the political year? Like boxing matches, everyone would watch them, it doesn’t happen anymore. The ratings for the last presidential debates were terrible and there is a reason for that, they’re boring. Everything is scripted. You know what they’re going to say before they say it.

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But if you keep watching the lower tier, the debates lower on the fight card, sometimes you see something interesting. It happens invariably by accident, but it reveals a lot about the country and the people who are trying to lead it. That just happened last month in Virginia during a governor’s debate.

Terry McAuliffe was the Governor of Virginia. He gravely damaged the state. He is the career Clinton operative who you may remember from his many brushes with apparent indictment. “The Washington Post” is always telling you, he was about to get indicted, he never was. Instead, he ran Virginia and he ran it into the ground and now, he wants to hurt it even more, so he wants to be re-elected.

And at the debate last month, Terry McAuliffe announced — just kind of welled up within him and he told us that parents no longer have a say in their own children’s education, the one that they pay for. Instead Terry McAuliffe informed the State of Virginia, the government is in charge of your child. Period.


TERRY MCAULIFFE (D), VIRGINIA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. Let’s — you know, I get really tired of everybody running down teachers. I love our teachers and what they have done through COVID, these are real heroes that deserve our respect.


CARLSON: Well, he’s a hack, a liar, and a demagogue. But ignore the second part of the sentence. “I don’t think parents have any right telling teachers what to teach.” Really? So parents don’t control their own kids. Do you have a right to tell the pediatrician what kind of medical treatment your kids should get? No.


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