Florida Supreme Court Blocks Gov. DeSantis’ Pick To Fill Vacancy

Florida Supreme Court Blocks Gov. DeSantis’ Pick To Fill Vacancy

A Democratic Florida lawmaker who objected to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ choice for a Florida Supreme Court vacancy has succeed in blocking the appointment of Jamaican immigrant Judge Renatha Francis now that the state supreme court has ruled in the lawmaker’s favor.

But the lawsuit from state Rep. Geraldine Thompson, who wanted a new list of potential justices drawn up so that it would include more black judges, has also ensured that the court will not include a black judge.

The court said Friday that Francis was ineligible because judges need to have been members of the Florida Bar for 10 years before they can serve on the Florida Supreme Court.

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“The constitution’s ten-year Bar membership requirement and sixty-day appointment deadline are bright-line textual mandates that impose rules rather than standards and prioritize certainty over discretion,” the court ruled.

“We hold that the constitution requires the Governor immediately to appoint and commission a constitutionally eligible nominee from among the

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