Florida House Passes Bill to Ban Vaccine Passports!

Florida House Passes Bill to Ban Vaccine Passports!

Florida is the state that keeps winning in the fight for liberty.

While deep-blue states enforce medical tyranny, Florida has taken a hardline stance against vaccine passports.

Governor Ron DeSantis took the lead by passing an executive order outlawing COVID-19 vaccine passports, and now the legislature has made the ban permanent.

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Not only are government agencies forbidden to enforce vaccine passports, but corporations and educational institutions fall into the same category.

Violation of this bill warrants a $5,000 fine, per person.

This is a direct slap in the face to Biden’s plan of not wanting the federal government to enforce vaccine passports, but instead, redirecting that authority to corporations to make citizens’ lives a living hell.

But that won’t fly in Florida!

Here’s the latest on the new legislation:

NEWS: Florida House Passes Bill on Vaccine Passport Requirements https://t.co/cmeulpkN45 pic.twitter.com/93idQ0Dl1C

— AllEars.Net (@AllEarsNet) April 28, 2021

JUST IN – Vaccine passports are officially outlawed in Florida

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