'Fleebaggers': A History of Democrats Running Away to Deny a Quorum

'Fleebaggers': A History of Democrats Running Away to Deny a Quorum

Democratic members of the Texas state legislature have fled the state for the second time this year to deny Republicans a quorum to pass voting integrity legislation — flying maskless to Washington, DC, undermining a vote on the right to vote.

The Democrats claim that they are defending democracy. But they are, in fact, subverting it — as Democrats have done for nearly two decades, setting the disruptive precedent that rioters infamously followed at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

The spectacle of runaway Democrats — memorably dubbed “fleebaggers” in 2011, a play on the pejorative term used by Democrats and establishment media figures to describe the conservative Tea Party — has a long and ignoble history.

The tactic was first tried in 1924, during a mutual standoff in Rhode Island in which Democrats, in the minority, refused to allow Republicans to conduct business, and so the Republicans

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