FlashPoint: The Great UNMASKING Is Coming!

FlashPoint: The Great UNMASKING Is Coming!

I want to share with you a brand new episode of FlashPoint that I thought was just incredible!

Hank Kunneman says the “Great Unmasking” is coming, and that has several meanings of course.

As we take our masks off, the evil deeds the global “elite” thought they were doing in secret are about to be exposed.

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Brought into the open for all to see!

It’s actually very similar to what my friend Bo Polny just told me on my show this week:

Bo Polny: The Great June 2021 World Stock Market CRASH Imminent, Dark Secrets Revealed, then July CHAOS

Here is a short clip on a similar point from a different FlashPoint:

And then please watch the full episode.

Watch here on Rumble:

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