FLASHBACK: Julian Assange Says Clinton Foundation Funded By “Same Money” As ISIS

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This is a flashback to comments made by Julian Assange in 2016.  

I was doing some research about Assange as I was curious to dig in to more of his history and I came across this bombshell claim from him:  The Clinton Foundation has the same funding as ISIS.

Now what could that mean?

I’ll let you connect the dots (and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments).

Take a look:

https://t.co/94VpsvL9gL No, it’s NBD- nothing to see here… just that Clinton Foundation funded by same people as ISIS / ISIL #FreeAssange

— Wendy Hijazi (@wendysone1) May 9, 2019

Clinton Foundation ‘funded by same money as Isis’, says Julian Assange https://t.co/J4GH9qDcBK

— Frances Driggers (@francey52) May 9, 2019

Clinton Foundation funded by the same sources as ISIS. Just one big happy family? https://t.co/oo3sy1JM2v

— Cynthia McKinney PhD (@cynthiamckinney) April 30, 2019

Is this why Assange was

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