Five Unorthodox Pro-Life Bills Advancing In State Legislatures

Five Unorthodox Pro-Life Bills Advancing In State Legislatures

The Biden administration is adamantly in favor of abortion. 

Within the first days of his inauguration, President Biden overturned the Mexico City Policy and other pro-life measures supported by President Trump. Biden also withdrew the United States from the Geneva Consensus Declaration — a statement from several countries asserting that “there is no international right to abortion, nor any international obligation on the part of States to finance or facilitate abortion.” 

His ultimate intention is to make Roe v. Wade — the 1973 Supreme Court opinion that justified the legality of abortion across the United States — the “law of the land.”

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State lawmakers are now launching their responses. As pro-life nonprofit Live Action details, Republican-led states typically increase their fervor in passing pro-life laws under Democratic presidents.

Rather than the typical late-term abortion bans and “heartbeat bills,” some states are opting for more unorthodox approaches for protecting the unborn. Here are five examples.

Complete and total ban — Arizona

Republican state legislators in Arizona

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