Five Conservative Films Amazon And Jeff Bezos Have Censored

Five Conservative Films Amazon And Jeff Bezos Have Censored

As news broke last week that Amazon has entered into an agreement to purchase MGM, one of the oldest, most venerable studios in Hollywood, the media’s attention turned to the broad outlines of the $8.5-billion-dollar deal. Given the tech giant’s atrocious record on free expression, conservatives might want to focus on the fine print.

From deplatforming Parler to scrubbing best-selling books that challenge transgender orthodoxy, Amazon has proved it has no qualms stifling views it disagrees with. Which raises the question—why should the public expect it to act honorably when it comes to movies?

Some will no doubt argue that even if Amazon censors films and filmmakers that fail to toe the leftist line, it’s only buying a single movie studio. There are plenty of other film companies and streaming platforms in the U.S. But remember, there used to be plenty of other booksellers as well. Now, Jeff Bezos controls an estimated 80% of that business, and he’s been using his

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