Finchem Stands Up for ‘Fraud-Free’ Elections, Setting Sights on AZ Sec of State

Finchem Stands Up for ‘Fraud-Free’ Elections, Setting Sights on AZ Sec of State

Through an arduous process of months in litigation, the Arizona state Senate recently obtained authorization to complete an audit of Maricopa County’s November election results.

Spearheading this charge in the state legislature is Republican state Rep. Mark Finchem of the 11th district.

The process, if conducted objectively, will allow lawmakers and the public to garner the necessary knowledge to dismiss any incorrect theories about election fraud and uncover areas where improvements are actually needed.

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But his push for enhancing government transparency and accountability is shifting from the state legislative chamber to the office of Arizona’s secretary of state. On Monday, Finchem told “WJ Live” co-host Andrew J. Sciascia his primary goal is to reinstall public trust and confidence into a system that so desperately relies on it.

“You want transparency in government,” Finchem said.

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