Filecoin unveils the second phase of Space Race

Filecoin unveils the second phase of Space Race

Filecoin has invited all miners around the world to participate in the second phase of its contest Space Race, which aims to help prepare its mainnet. 

Filecoin explained in a post that it decided to conduct Space Race 2 after the large participation of miners in the first Space Race, who numbered more than 356 miners from 32 countries worldwide, and after the results from its first iteration. 

The second Space Race is open to everyone beginning Sept. 14 until Oct. 5.

According to Filecoin, the experiment will consist of two tracks to ensure that different network parts are practiced and tested by community members. The first is for storage miners to continue testing and growing the network’s scale and the other is for Filecoin clients and application and tool developers.l It will encourage them to make storage and retrieval deals so they can prepare for the mainnet. 

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The firm said there are two objectives for conducting the second

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