Filecoin Launch Finally Brings $200M ICO to Fruition

Filecoin Launch Finally Brings $200M ICO to Fruition

The Filecoin network pivoted to mainnet at block 148,888, or approximately 14:44 UTC. With that, its FIL tokens will begin their distribution. 

Filecoin is a system from Protocol Labs meant to be both a decentralized file storage and content distribution network in one. The Filecoin team wrote in a post announcing the transition that the block number for mainnet launch signifies “‘prosperity for life’ in Chinese, chosen to honor the epic contribution by our Chinese mining community to Filecoin’s long-term success.”

The new token is very likely to make history as the fastest newly live blockchain to reach a market capitalization of over a billion dollars, though we can’t really know until the FIL tokens enter trading.

It should be noted that the tokens distributed today will basically all be subject to a vesting schedule, so only a very small portion of the set above would count as circulating. The circulating supply at

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