Feline Faith: Hijabs for 'Modest' Cats Grow Popular in Indonesia

Feline Faith: Hijabs for 'Modest' Cats Grow Popular in Indonesia

Hijabs designed for cats, which cover the cat’s ears similarly to how the Islamic headscarves cover a woman’s hair, are becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia, the local outlet Coconuts reported on Tuesday.

Coconuts highlighted the existence of a Twitter account named @txtdarionlshop, which documents the bizarre world of online shopping. One of the items on sale is a sharia-compliant costume for cats.

The product is described as a “Ukhti character costume for cats,” a reference to the Arabic word commonly associated with modestly-dressed Muslim women. It is on sale for 85,000 Indonesian rupiahs, or about $6.


— txtdarionlineshop. (@txtdarionlshop) November 16, 2020

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Customers so far appear to be happy with the product they ordered, leaving glowing reviews that average out at 4.7 stars out of 5:

“The costume has arrived, thank you. But I’m confused on how to put it on [the cat], please let me know.”



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