Feds release all reserved COVID-19 vaccine doses

Feds release all reserved COVID-19 vaccine doses

The US government has reversed course and is now releasing its entire cache of COVID-19 vaccines to states — including what had been reserved as second doses, federal Health and Human Services czar Alex Azar said Tuesday.

“We had been holding back second doses as a safety stock. We now believe that our manufacturing is predicable enough that we can ensure second doses are available for people from ongoing production,’’ Azar said on ABC TV’s “Good Morning America.”

“We have already made available every dose of vaccine,’’ he said.

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The health chief said the move is part of a three-pronged new approach to combatting the coronavirus.

The other two elements involve encouraging states to immediately open up vaccinations to everyone age 65 and older, as opposed to keeping them behind other groups, and pushing to expand where people can get immunized.

“It’s been overly hospitalized so far in too many states,’’ Azar said of the administering of the vaccine.

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