Federal judge cancels hearing for Trump’s Pennsylvania election case

Federal judge cancels hearing for Trump’s Pennsylvania election case

A federal judge on Wednesday canceled a planned evidentiary hearing on President Trump’s challenge to Joe Biden’s win in Pennsylvania.

Judge Matthew Brann instead gave the Trump campaign until 5 p.m. to respond to a defense motion to dismiss the case, according to an order posted online.

Brann also set the same deadline for the campaign to file new motions seeking a preliminary injunction to block certification of the election results and permission to amend its suit for a second time.

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The order came a day after Brann heard about four hours of oral arguments on Tuesday from lawyers including former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who took over Trump’s case after a series of other lawyers bailed out.

Giuliani, a former Manhattan US attorney, appeared rusty during his first appearance in federal court in about three decades, at one point mistaking Brann for another judge who earlier rejected a different suit filed by the campaign, according to The Associated Press.

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