FBI Raids Epstein Island!

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Today, video footage revealed that at least a dozen FBI agents arrived at and are raiding Epstein’s island – officially named Great St. James, but more commonly known as “Pedophile Island” – where Jeffrey was alleged to have had sex with underage girls.

An FBI spokesperson later confirmed this as fact, “Yes, we’re on the island. But we can’t provide any further detail unfortunately.”

Watch the footage captured here:

After the footage was captured, news of the FBI raid on “Pedophile Island” spread like wildfire on Twitter:


The FBI has raided Epstein “Pedophile Island” following his death.

FBI raids Virgin Island home of Jeffrey Epstein after apparent suicide https://t.co/ViFuquauA1

— DailyTruthReport (@DailyTruthRpt) August 12, 2019

WATCH: FBI agents raid ‘Pedophile Island’ as Jeffrey Epstein investigation continues after his deathhttps://t.co/JffUH1VTCZ

— Sarah Burris (@SarahBurris) August 12, 2019

#FBI Agents Raid Jeffrey #Epstein Island. Epstein Lawyers hire Criminal

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