Fauci Colluded with Facebook to Push COVID Narrative

Fauci Colluded with Facebook to Push COVID Narrative

After the release of thousands of Dr. Fauci’s emails sent throughout the COVID pandemic, we are finding some very interesting information.

Many of those on the so-called right questioned several moves made by our government during the pandemic. It turns out the majority of the actions taken to combat the virus were done so at the request of Fauci.

We watched as the world shut down, people were told to ‘mask up’, and many lost their livelihoods if not their lives altogether.

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And for what? Did the world come to a sudden standstill while people needlessly died all because a ‘doctor’ with ulterior motives was playing politics with a virus? Which as a result gave the government the ability to gain unhindered control over the population.

How did this happen you ask?

It was all done through the narrative. In today’s world narratives are powerful and Fauci ensured that the narrative was locked down to push exactly the message

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