FARRELL: Apparent Pitfalls Of Mail-In Voting

FARRELL: Apparent Pitfalls Of Mail-In Voting

The pitfalls of radically changing the election system to mass mail-in balloting in the weeks and months leading up to an election are more apparent by the day. Yet the mainstream media keeps telling us there are no problems, have never been problems and never will be. Twitter and Facebook automatically add “context” to legitimate news posts about voting troubles to explain that everything is safe and secure no matter what you just read. News organizations question whether they should call winners on election night or wait days – perhaps weeks – for stray ballots to be counted.

However, more stories emerge daily about voting-related issues that could call into question the legitimacy of the 2020 vote. Some deal with the structural problems of making rapid, complex changes to a system not designed for mass mail-in balloting. There are reports from all over the country of ballots being sent to people who are deceased, who have moved or who are otherwise are ineligible. Often this is because officials are using hopelessly outdated and poorly maintained voting lists. Judicial Watch has been closely following this persistent problem for years, and this week sued the state of Colorado, where forty

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