False: Pelosi Insists Adam Schiff Used “President’s Own Words” In “Parody” Interpretation Of Ukraine Call


This is really unbelievable.

Nancy Pelosi just blatantly lied, even when corrected by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos who pressed her on Schiff’s outrageous “parody” re-telling of how the Trump-Ukraine call went down – you know, the one Schiff totally made up to make Trump look like the presidential equivalent of a mafia boss?

According to Pelosi, Schiff was “using the president’s own words.”

According to reality, this is completely untrue!

When Pelosi said Schiff used President Trump’s words verbatim in his dramatization of the phone call before Congress, Stephanopolous stepped in during the interview to correct her, pointing out that Schiff, did, in fact make up his “interpretation” of the phone call.

In response to this, Pelosi again insisted,

“He did not make it up.”

Watch Pelosi flat out lie during her interview on Good Morning America here:

Nancy Pelosi lying again!

She claims Liar Adam Schiff was
“using the president’s own words. He did not

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