Fading Biden Snaps Again, Calls NH Voter A 'Lying, Dog-Faced Pony Soldier'


The wheels are coming off of the No Malarkey express as Joe Biden limps into New Hampshire desperately in need of a positive showing after last week’s Iowa disaster. 

While the news has been focused on the Democratic party’s inability to conduct a proper counting of votes in a small state and technological failures with a new app, it hasn’t gotten much attention that the former vice president came in fourth, barely above Amy Klobuchar. 


The pathetic showing in Iowa has clearly agitated lunchbucket Joe who has often come across as a grumpy old man during the long run-up to the primaries and on Sunday, he had another of his bizarre exchanges with a voter. 

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During a campaign appearance in Hampton Beach, a female student but Biden on the spot over his dismal performance in the Hawkeye State and in a bizarre response, the geriatric gaffe machine called her a

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