Fact Check: MSNBC Retracts Outrageous Claim That COVID Could Kill 50% of Americans


MSNBC has taken down a tweet that falsely claimed the coronavirus had the potential to kill 50 percent of the U.S. population.

The tweet, which was posted early Tuesday and widely shared, was described as “erroneous” by the far-left network and quickly removed.

“There is no option to just let everyone go back out and go back to normal if a pandemic rages across the country and kills 50% of the population,” the deleted tweet from MSNBC’s verified Twitter account read.

The quote, attributed to host Chris Hayes, was from his Monday show, but whoever created the post had misquoted him.

The network issued a retraction tweet and shared a photo of the original tweet, along with a correction.

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“Correction: The quote tweeted is incorrect due to an editing error. It should read: ‘if a pandemic rages across the country and

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