Fact Check: Joe Biden Repeats False Claim of Vaccine 'Turnaround'

Fact Check: Joe Biden Repeats False Claim of Vaccine 'Turnaround'

CLAIM: Vaccination levels, particularly among seniors, are “a dramatic turnaround from where we were in January.”

VERDICT: MOSTLY FALSE. If there is any “turnaround,” it is negative — and the Biden administration shares the blame.

President Joe Biden addressed the nation Tuesday to describe his administration’s plans to encourage people who haven’t yet received the coronavirus vaccine to do so. He claimed: “70% of the seniors are now fully vaccinated. It is a dramatic turnaround from where we were in January, when less than 2% of adults, and less than 1% of seniors, were fully vaccinated.”

The fact that vaccination rates have risen among seniors is not a “turnaround.” It is the continuation of a trend that began in December, when the Trump administration began rolling out the vaccine. Biden has made this claim before, falsely stating in April that his administration “turned around a slow-moving vaccination program.” The pace of

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