Fact Check-- Joe Biden: President Trump 'Embraces All the Thugs in the World'

Fact Check– Joe Biden: President Trump 'Embraces All the Thugs in the World'

CLAIM: Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed Thursday night at a town hall in Philadelphia that President Donald Trump “embraces all the thugs in the world.”


Former Vice President Joe Biden talked about the United States’ role in the world and how he viewed that it had diminished since Trump took office.

“We find ourselves in a position where we’re more isolated in the world than ever before,” Biden said. “Our allies are going alone, America First has made America alone. You have Iran closer to having enough nuclear material to build a bomb. North Korea has more bombs and missiles available to them.”

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“We find ourselves with our NATO allies saying they publicly can’t count on us. We’re in a situation, as well, where in the Far East, in the Western Pacific where we’re isolated as well,” Biden continued. “I would say we’re less secure than we’ve

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