Fact Check: Biden Suggests Mass Shooters Get Their Guns 'Illegally'

Fact Check: Biden Suggests Mass Shooters Get Their Guns 'Illegally'

CLAIM: During his Wednesday night CNN Town Hall, President Joe Biden suggested mass shooters are getting their guns illegally.


CNN reported that Biden responded to a question dealing with mass shooters by referencing “assault weapons” and claiming the people using weapons “are acquiring them illegally.”

But consider just a few of the high-profile mass shootings our nation has witnessed this year: the Atlanta area shootings (eight killed, March 16, 2021); the Boulder, Colorado, shooting (ten dead, March 22, 2021); the Indianapolis FedEx shooting (eight killed, April 15, 2021); and the San Jose shooting (nine killed, May 26, 2021).

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In each of these instances, the attacker acquired his gun or guns legally.

Moreover, nearly every mass shooter of recent memory has acquired his gun(s) legally, which means they followed the process which entails passing a background check in order to get the firearms.

Here is a short list

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