Facial recognition software can now reportedly recognize bears

Facial recognition software can now reportedly recognize bears

They’ll never get away with stealing picnic baskets again!

Facial recognition software isn’t just for humans anymore — new technology can also recognize bears, CNN reported Sunday.

Melanie Clapham, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Victoria and bear biologist, teamed up with two Silicon Valley-based tech workers to create BearID, which monitors grizzly bears with mug-matching software.

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Using artificial intelligence, the project has been able to recognize 132 of the animals individually and it’s a much more effective — and safe — way to track animals, especially bears, Clapham explained.

Typically, scientists seeking to monitor animals in the wild pierce them with RFID tags or attach a collar, which is more expensive, shorter-lived, invasive and risky than using the software, the scientist told the outlet.

Monitoring individual bears is also important to the community — it assists with research and conservation and could even help with problems as banal as figuring out if a certain bear is eating

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