Facebook Just Cancelled Australia

Facebook Just Cancelled Australia

I wish you all could see my face right now……

Reports are coming out that Facebook has decided to retaliate against Australia. Australia has been trying to push for companies like Facebook and Google to pay for news content.

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Facebook has responded by essentially cancelling the country sources say.

People in Australia can no longer circulate worldwide news from any outlet, and Australian news outlets cannot share or post news according to our sources.

This is effectively a media blackout some are likening to North Korean behavior, and a reminder to just how much power these companies have.

Here are the latest reports:

Country attempts to assert itself against Facebook.

Facebook responds by canceling the country. https://t.co/NmGq1T7Zzw

— Rachel Bovard (@rachelbovard) February 17, 2021

CNET reported on the story: 

Facebook started restricting users from viewing or sharing Australian news on Wednesday, because of a

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