'F*** the Jews, Kill the Jews' – Senior Rabbi Beaten in Khan's London


A senior rabbi was left bleeding on the ground after two teens brutally beat him while shouting “fuck the Jews” and “kill the Jews” in London.

On the same evening as the London Bridge terrorist attack, a rabbi who was visiting London was beaten in the Amhurst Park area of Stamford Hill, Hackney.

Two teenagers attacked the rabbi at 9:45 on Friday night, a time in which orthodox Jews refrain from using telephones.

The two youths shouted, “fuck the Jews” and “kill the Jews” while beating the rabbi, according to the Shomrim, a Jewish neighbourhood watch group.

The identities of the apparently antisemitic teens remain unknown at the time of writing of this report.

The rabbi has since flown back to Israel.

Herschel Gluck OBE, a prominent rabbi in Stamford Hill, said in a statement that: “A rabbi on a visit to London was beaten up in a totally unprovoked attack by

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