Exposing the real “Why” of Leftists and Media Tropes of “Orange Man Bad” – Draining the Swamp


Do you feel like you are watching a preordained script packaged for consumption yet? The Leftist Media Hybrid is standing in the pulpit proselytizing “Orange Man ALL Bad,” therefore Iran must be good. Why?

We will address the why later, but for now, behold flimflam Speaker Nancy Pelosi pontificating as co-conspirator George Stephanopoulos of ABC, smooths over any exposed edges. Pelosi seems to be siding against the protesters that would like to see regime change in Iran. Just who’s side is she on? Roll the video:

Pelosi dismisses protests in Iran against the regime, “different reasons why people are in the street”https://t.co/weKuQ6fSlO

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) January 12, 2020

Now, listen to CNN’s, Erin Burnett, who construes the true feelings of the Iranian people by using her anecdotal trip to Tehran as a media star, as evidence. Meanwhile, U.S. Rep Mike Turner (of Ohio) calmly commences edifying Erin of the realities. Roll the video:

President Trump, on the other hand,

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