Experts Stay Safe in a Down Market?

Experts Stay Safe in a Down Market?

The cryptocurrency market is notoriously volatile, with some cryptocurrencies experiencing more volatility in a single day than many traditional financial instruments experience in a whole week.

While this volatility has made cryptocurrencies some of the most lucrative assets for speculators and investors, it also brings with it significant risks — since the market can experience significant adverse price swings, which can quickly wipe out investors in a down market.

But while some investors struggle to turn a profit when the market turns red, others are well-prepared, and already leverage a range of platforms and strategies to maintain value or even turn a profit regardless of how the market performs.

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Here’s how they do it.

Decentralized Options Trading

Cryptocurrency trades can be broadly separated into two types: long and short. Individuals that are trading long are looking to turn a profit when a cryptocurrency asset appreciates in value, while those that are trading short are looking to profit on its

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