EXCLUSIVE: 'Open-Border Rhetoric Transformed into Policy,' Says Texas Rep.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Open-Border Rhetoric Transformed into Policy,' Says Texas Rep.

U.S. Representative Tony Gonzalez (R-TX) told Breitbart Texas that open-border rhetoric during the last presidential campaign transformed into the open-border policies of this president’s administration. The Texas congressman said these policies led to the current flood of migrants illegally entering the United States.

Congressman Gonzales just completed a bi-cameral, bi-partisan visit to the border in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. Accompanying him on the tour were Senators John Cornyn (R-TX), and Kirsten Sinema (D-AZ), along with Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX).

Gonzales says a joint effort is the only solution to a problem that has constituents on both sides of the aisle fed up with the increase in illegal immigration traffic along the 820 miles of border in his district. “When you’re on the ground, it doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican — people want a solution,” the congressman says.

One part of the bipartisan

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