Ex-CEO Douglas Hodge gets nine months in college admissions scandal


The former CEO of the asset management giant Pimco got a nine-month prison sentence in the college admissions scandal — the heaviest punishment for a parent so far.

Douglas Hodge, 62, was sentenced in Boston Friday for admittedly paying $850,000 over the course of more than a decade to get four of his kids admitted to elite private universities.

“Mr. Hodge, your conduct in this whole sordid case is appalling and mind-boggling at the same time,” US District Judge Nathaniel Gorton told the retired Pimco honcho.

“There is no term in the English language to describe your conduct better than the Yiddish term chutzpah,” the judge told Hodge, who has been described by prosecutors as among the most culpable of the dozens of parents ensnared in the scandal.

The father paid bribes to get two of his children accepted into the University of Southern California and two others into Georgetown University, according to prosecutors. He was also accused of

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