Ex-Antifa Member SLAMS Jerry Nadler for Calling Antifa ‘Imaginary’

Ex-Antifa Member SLAMS Jerry Nadler for Calling Antifa ‘Imaginary’

Rep. Jerry Nadler apparently likes to pretend ANTIFA doesn’t exist.

On Thursday, Rep. Nadler said ANTIFA was an “imaginary thing” on the floor of the House of Representatives during a debate over a Democrat-sponsored police reform bill.

This time it seems Rep. Nadler is the one spewing “errant nonsense.” Thankfully, Nadler’s craziness did not go unnoticed.  Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) rightfully called out the absurdity in calling ANTIFA “imaginary” as seen in the video clip below. Ironically, in communicating his disbelief about the statement, some of Rep. Jordan’s tweets about the ordeal used the popular #Antifa hashtag.

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Rep. Nadler’s “imaginary” comment occurred during debates over H.R. 7120, the so-called George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. The fact that Rep. Nadler made such a comment minimizing a genuine menace to society during debate over H.R. 7120 does not exactly instill confidence over the quality of the legislation.

The “imaginary” comment comes just days after the U.N. expressed solidarity with ANTIFA.

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