Ever Given Crew May Face Arrest, Charges

Ever Given Crew May Face Arrest, Charges

Another twist to report in the Ever Given story….

If you need to catch up on the full history, including all the strange ties to Obama and Hillary, you can read that here first.

A few days ago, it was reported that the ship was moving again and many thought that might be the end of the story.

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Not so fast.

It looks like the story may be headed towards arrests and charges.

Take a look:

The Ever Given may no longer be trapped, but its crew might not be so lucky.

Report by @AaronReich #Evergreen | #EverGivenShip https://t.co/qKwXA18EW6

— The Jerusalem Post (@Jerusalem_Post) March 31, 2021

People are starting to wise up and ask questions.

Like this:

I’m not trying to push a conspiracy at all….. I’m just wondering why the 20+ crew members would face criminal charges…..???? Isn’t it the Captain that should face charges for drawing the dick and crashing into the canal?

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