eToro Is The Latest Crypto Exchange Moving To Miami

eToro Is The Latest Crypto Exchange Moving To Miami

The ‘Miami Migration’? ‘Florida Flocking’? While there is no term coined yet, eToro is looking to get their name in the mix as there is undoubtedly more attraction routinely being driven towards the south Florida area when it comes to cryptocurrency and tech. During last week’s Bitcoin 2021 Conference in Miami, eToro announced that the firm is scouting locations for another U.S. hub to work with their Hoboken, NJ office.

A Move(ment) To Miami

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has been outspoken about his desire to make Miami a tech hub. The efforts seem to be yielding results. Less than two days before eToro’s announcement, had announced their U.S. headquarters would be shifting from New York to Miami, bringing to market roughly 300 jobs over the course of the next year and a half.

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Following eToro’s announcement, Mayor Suarez stated that “eToro’s commitment to Miami furthers the narrative that this is not a moment but a movement, and we

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