eToro, BlockFi & Nexo capitalize on Brave ads for ‘unmatched engagement’

eToro, BlockFi & Nexo capitalize on Brave ads for ‘unmatched engagement’

According to Brave browser, businesses like eToro, BlockFi, and Nexo have achieved unprecedented results by advertising to the platform’s users. Considering the popularity of Brave within the crypto community, this does not come as a surprise.

For instance, the crypto-lending platform BlockFi was able to reduce its customer acquisition costs by 75% with Brave ads. The campaign was also twice as effective as a Google campaign in terms of the percent of respondents who opened accounts. BlockFi’s marketing manager Nick Ries was quoted as saying:

“Brave has proven to be one of the most effective channels in driving new customers to BlockFi. The opt-in experience creates deeper engagement that consistently results in a 3x higher CTR than any of our other paid media spend.”

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Brave users can voluntarily opt-in to watch advertisements and be rewarded with the browser’s native Basic Attention Token — with 70% going to the user and 30% to Brave. The browser counts over 18

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