Ethereum’s Top Dapps Are Increasingly Turning to ‘Rollups’: Here’s Why

Ethereum’s Top Dapps Are Increasingly Turning to ‘Rollups’: Here’s Why

Ethereum scaling solutions are heterogeneous, which, as a result, makes them hard to monitor.

For those conversational about all things Ethereum, rollups are the newest need-to-know technology that largely made their debut one calendar year ago at Devcon V in Osaka, Japan. In fact, a majority of the top 20 Ethereum-based decentralized applications (dapps) have switched or plan on switching to a rollup solution in the coming months, according to teams polled by CoinDesk.

For example, Coinbase Wallet now has native support for Optimism’s OVM testnet, according to a Tuesday blog.

Entirely different from the fruit variety, a rollup is an off-chain aggregation of transactions inside an Ethereum smart contract. Ethereum users can transact inside the contract with security guarantees their transactions won’t be misused and they will settle to the mainchain at some future point.

The main advantages of transaction aggregation for dapps were witnessed time and time again this

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