‘Ethereum: The Infinite Garden’ Documentary Project Raises 1,036 Ether

‘Ethereum: The Infinite Garden’ Documentary Project Raises 1,036 Ether

A documentary project called “Ethereum: The Infinite Garden” has raised 1,036 ether to complete its fundraising proposal. The project will use these funds to finance the first feature-length Ethereum documentary, that will cast members from the community and key individuals from the Ethereum Foundation, including Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. The initiative aims for a 2023 release.

‘Ethereum: The Infinite Garden’ Documentary Project Gets Funded

“Ethereum: The Infinite Garden,” a project that aims to produce the first documentary about how the smart contracts project was conceived, fulfilled the goal of its recent fundraising campaign.

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The initiative managed to raise 1,036 ether from more than 600 backers in just three days, an amount bigger than what they established as their goal in the first place (750 ether). The team is now entering the preproduction phase by establishing connections with people from the Ethereum Foundation.

The project proposal states that “Ethereum: The Infinite Garden” will:

Explore the innovative real-world applications of

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