Ethereum Is the Frontier of Financial Innovation

Ethereum Is the Frontier of Financial Innovation

Innovation across various global industries seems to be moving at an accelerating pace. This makes sense because innovation in one sector ultimately makes innovation in other sectors cheaper. As innovation becomes cheaper, we can naturally expect it to increase in usage. 

The advances we’ve seen in the world are all underpinned by silicon and computation. Whatever time-saving invention you’ve created is probably better with a chip in it, though finance is seemingly excluded from this hard and fast rule.

David Hoffman is the co-founder of Bankless, a content studio with a newsletter, podcast and YouTube channel focused on education on how to live a life without banks. He will lead a discussion, “Trade Secrets: The ‘Triple Point’ Bull Case for ETH,” at CoinDesk’s invest: ethereum economy on Oct. 14.

Regulatory red tape and walled gardens between financial institutions are potential culprits. But it’s not obvious that removing these obstacles would enable

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