Establishment Media No Longer Ignore Biden Inflation

Establishment Media No Longer Ignore Biden Inflation

The establishment media are no longer hiding President Joe Biden’s inflation numbers, just days after he claimed that “No one is talking about this great [inflation].”

“The overwhelming consensus is it will popup a little bit and then go back down. No one is talking about this great, great, you know [inflation],” Biden said on June 24.

“If it turns out what I’ve done so far, what we’ve done so far, is a mistake, it’s going to show,” Biden said.

CNBC printed Tuesday that Sarah House, senior economist for Wells Fargo’s corporate and investment bank, said “inflation pressures remain more acute than appreciated and are going to be with us for a longer period.”

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The Hill reported that “Inflation seems to be the economic word of the day.”

“Bringing back the bad memories of the 1970s, inflation has reached a three-decade high,” the publication continued. “The past two

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