ERICKSON: My Friend, Rush

ERICKSON: My Friend, Rush

In December, I was sitting on my front porch when my phone lit up with a message from Rush Limbaugh.

He and my wife have variants of the same type of lung cancer, though hers was caught very early, and her treatment has thus far contained it. Rush knew she had an older iPhone with touch-ID, and he had been chiding me to upgrade her phone. He didn’t quite understand my wife’s resistance to technology and insisted I was neglecting my wife by failing to give her a state-of-the-art phone.

Undeterred, he now wanted me to know he was sending her a new iPhone 12 Pro Max because he was convinced her chemo would screw up her fingerprints and make unlocking her phone difficult, which it already had been. My wife now has a better iPhone than me, thanks to Rush.

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That is the sort of guy Rush was. In the midst of his own far more serious battle

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