ERICKSON: Hope In Dark Times

ERICKSON: Hope In Dark Times

Last week, on my syndicated radio program, I told my listeners that even though there was probably fraud in the election, it would not be enough to overcome the margin of Joe Biden’s victory. Joe Biden is President-elect.

I think there probably were some acts of fraud. In Pennsylvania, however, President Donald Trump’s legal team has abandoned their fraud claims. In Georgia, while new votes have been discovered, it is not enough to overcome the margin of Joe Biden’s victory. In Michigan, Biden’s victory is over 147,000 votes, and the fraud claims as alleged amounted to only around 1000 votes cast.

After telling my listeners Biden would be President-elect, I said scripture calls for us to pray for our leaders. Peter and Paul, both soon to be executed by the Roman Emperor Nero, exhorted the early Christians to pray for the emperor and honor him nonetheless. Their admonishment to pray was not to pray against the emperor but to

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