ERICKSON: Apocalypse Not

ERICKSON: Apocalypse Not

The American media tends to consist of highly educated individuals, many of whom went to elite academic institutions. They tend to congregate in large urban environments surrounded by like-minded people who have similar interests and worldviews. The result is a media that is urban, coastal, secular and progressive.

Good reporters tend to be mindful of their biases. Most reporters do not. In ways large and small, from what the press chooses to cover, chooses not to cover and chooses to use as narrative constructs for stories, the secular, urban, progressive worldview is pervasive. Many reporters are not well-traveled outside other urban enclaves. Much of America is more foreign to them than European cities. Too many political reporters only venture out into the heartland of flyover country during presidential campaign season.

Nowhere is progressive bias in the media more prevalent than in coverage of abortion. Anchors and reporters are almost all in favor of killing children. They may personally have not killed

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