ERICKSON: A Profound, Unique Event

ERICKSON: A Profound, Unique Event

Two thousand years ago on planet Earth, there were no civilizations, religions, or mythologies that had anything akin to an account of Jesus’s resurrection.

When atheists and skeptics argue it would have been easy to pull the wool over people’s eyes 2,000 years ago, they take a narrow and bigoted view of culture at the time. They believe something for which there is ample evidence to the contrary.

N.T. Wright showed in “The Resurrection of the Son of God” that, contrary to claims of today, literally no civilization had anything like what the early Christians claimed. It has all the hallmarks of recorded history, i.e. a recounted real event.

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The Jews had only two beliefs in their entire culture. Either they did not believe in resurrection at all, or they believed we all were resurrected on the last day of history. They had no story of a single person’s resurrection.

The Roman, Greek, Indian subcontinent, East Asian, Norse, Egyptian, African, and Western Hemisphere

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