ERICKSON: A Complicated Virus

ERICKSON: A Complicated Virus

The President purportedly withheld bad news about the coronavirus to avoid a panic and, in so doing, allegedly cost American lives. That is what the American media and the Democrats claim. Meanwhile, a reporter had all of this on tape and withheld this very newsworthy item, even as bodies were piling up in freezer trucks parked by overrun morgues, just so he could make a buck.

My outrage is exhausted over all angles of the virus story except this one: A self-aware and self-reflective media would be absolutely crucifying Bob Woodward for withholding these audio records as American bodies piled up, but like carrion-eating animals, they will continue picking at the corpse of virus coverage instead of ever turning on their own.

The American news media is less trusted and less popular than either the President of the United States or poop in a pool, and this is why: Bob Woodward could have released the tapes after concluding his

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